Good Morning | Good Night Deck


Starting and ending your day with mindfulness is as simple as pulling a card from this deck.

Good Morning, Good Night Deck offers ways to both start and end your day right. Each card has two prompts: Turn to the morning side for ways to awaken your body, from energizing yoga stretches to inspiring meditations; flip to the night side to unwind from your day with calming reflections and encouraging mantras. Each card’s prompts can be used in tandem for a full-day practice or drawn at random when you need a little boost to your morning or night. Reflecting the moods of each side of the card, this vibrant deck uses a hue of yellow for the morning side and a hue of blue for the night side, creating a vibrant deck to help inspire your day.

Each card has a morning and evening prompt to aid in mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care.
A mix of mantras, yoga stretches, reflective prompts, and more can be found throughout the deck, each marked with either a sun or moon.
Includes more than 150 prompts for a variety of ways to unwind and practice mindfulness.

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